Choose URLs of Competitors in Your Radius

First and foremost, we make sure that any URLs we are inputting into your remarketing campaign are from competitors within your radius.

We are Systematic

Rather than simply entering every single web page of your competition, we are systematic.
We choose URLs that make sense for your campaign. For example, if you plan to target consumers looking for a new car, we use your competitors’ new inventory URL.

This makes your campaign more effective.

You want to drive your ads to an audience that was looking for the same exact offer from your competitors’ websites.

Create Better Ads

Before we run a campaign, we craft compelling messaging and creative. Winning over your competitor’s clients is harder than marketing to your own loyal audience. We highlight your unique value and create animated ads that draw their attention.

But wait! There's more!!

Contact us today to discuss YOUR specific needs. We are happy to tailor and customize our relationship with you!