Email Marketing

Email Marketing PyramidFace it, your data is there, but what is your business doing with it? This is a common problem with most businesses in that their data is there but no one is utilizing it.

We will help you move your business forward and communicate with your customers inside your CRM with regular Target and Bulk email marketing campaigns.

Why is it we have so many email templates in our CRMs? Maybe because everyone has their own idea of what’s good and what’s not. Your staff¬†saves their own templates without utilizing what was placed in there by the business owner. Your message then becomes jumbled and unprofessional, not to mention the fact that the templates you might have in your CRM date back to the birth¬†of digital CRM businesses and the English within them is that of the person hired only because a warm body was needed to fill the position.

Enter Dealer Web Help. We can and will help you not only sort through your templates but remove the antiquated and offensive ones. We will also help build templates with a constant, professional theme and message to match that of your business.